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I Need 6 Players

I’m going to be taking 6 players through a new 6 Week Rugby Fitness Program I have…




The program is for players that want to:rugby


  1. Get Fitter
  2. Get Stronger
  3. Get Leaner
  4. And put on a bit of Muscle




  1. 6 Week Training Program
  2. Exercise descriptions
  3. Nutritional Guide
  4. Email Access to ME personally
  5. X1 Skype Call to ask me any questions




  1. Obviously you need to do the program
  2. Take before and after photos
  3. Provide me with your start & end stats
  4. Provide me with a short before and after video

( I’ll tell you how to do the photos and videos )




Once off £97




If you are keen to get involved in this opportunity




Provide me with the information below and I’ll choose the 6 players this Friday 6 September


  1. Name

  2. Age

  3. Country

  4. Playing Position

  5. Body Shape ( athletic / carrying a bit extra / over weight )

  6. What you’d like to achieve in the 6 weeks


Good Luck




***all training and consulting in online based***


Get Fitter in the next 14 Days


So the UK rugby season starts this Saturday


You are either:

  1. At the peak of your fitness
  2. Need Some Work
  3. Or you are in SH*T

But have no fear, cause RUGBY FIT is here

The guys did the 14 day Pre Conditioning Program to get them ready for the Pre Season

But you can use this same program over the next 14 Day to MASSIVELY BOOST  your fitness




This program ain’t easy…

It is designed to be intense and effective

So if you are a lazy MF…

This probably isn’t for you…








Click the Add to Cart link below to get your program


 ONLY £12




Why am I selling it soooo cheap??? Because I want EVERYONE to be able to afford this program and get great results

So make sure you click the Add to Cart button above to get started TODAY !!!



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Why You Are Not Getting Fitter

So this past weekend I was at a rugby club watching some club rugby…


I was approached by a guy ( who we’ll call Joe ) who asked me for some advice on his training…


Here is the conversation that followed:


Jason: So what seems to be the problem buddy…


Joe: Well, I’m looking to get myself a playing contract, I love my rugby and want to be a full time player and I’m totally committed to reaching my goal. I’m really strong, but I can’t seem to last the full 80min.


Jason: Excellent man, good for you. So what does your training look like at the moment


Joe: Well I hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I normally do Legs and shoulders on 1 day, chest and tri’s on another and Back and Bi’s. I’d normally do a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I do about 3 exercises per body part, 3-4 sets of about 8-12 reps…


Jason: Oh, so you looking to become a bodybuilder ( Joe looks at my weirdly ). What other training do you do?BBT2

Joe: well I’ve got Rugby Training on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and our season starts next week so we’ll be playing Saturdays…


Jason: What sort of cardio do you do?


Joe: I warm up for about 5-6 min on the bike, and then I end off with about 20min on the treadmill or bike…


Jason: ( I tease Joe again )… Ok, so you said you looking to burn off  some fat and get into body building…


Joe: ( looking at me annoyed ) NO… I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL RUGBY PLAYER !!!


Jason: Oh, sorry… My bad… But if you want to be a professional rugby player, why are you training like a bodybuilder or a men’s health model…


Joe: What do you mean?BBT3

Jason: What did you say your issue is…


Joe: ummm… I’m not lasting the full 80min…


Jason: So is that a strength issue or a fitness issue


Joe: Fitness… But I gym 3-4 times a week, so how can I not be getting fitter


Jason: Well basically Joe, the way in which you do you gym work, has absolutely NO BENEFIT to your fitness… You need to be getting yourself out of breath more


Joe: So I need to do more cardio???BBT4

Jason: Not necessarily. You actually need to do more CONDITIONING…


Joe: What’s the difference?


Jason: ( now I know guys like Joe, they love their weights, so if I had to tell him to ease off on the weights, he’d tell me to F’ OFF. So here is the advice I gave him


Right, here is what I want you to do… We want to get you fitter right?


Joe: RIGHT !!!


Jason: Keep doing your 3 days, BUT… I want you to choose just 1 exercise for each body part. Try to choose the one that you can lift the heaviest weight with


So a legs and shoulders day would be for example 3 sets of squats of 6 reps each, then do the same for a shoulders press…


Next Take another leg and shoulder exercise and star jump and do it as a continuous 3min circuit of 1min on each exercise, rest 1min and do 3 sets


Then take another leg and shoulder exercise and add skipping and do the same


So in total you’ll do roughly about 12min of heavy weights and then 18min of high intensity circuits for a total of 30min


Do you know what I’m saying…BBT5


Joe: Yip


Jason: ( I also gave him a 12min and a 20min outdoor conditioning drill to do. He was happy. And I know that just this simple modification in the way that he trains will make a huge difference to his on field performance…




No matter how many times or how hard you training in the gym, there is no substitute for getting out on the pitch and putting in the yards, getting down and up and making hits…


If you want to get your hands on our new


6 Week Rugby Speed Training Program… Simply click on the DOWNLOAD link below…


 Download now







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Getting Faster For Rugby: Part 3

For now, this will be our final instalment of how to get faster for rugby.Rugby Speed


Lets just have a quick recap of all we’ve discussed up to now…


We said that in order to get our “car” going faster, there are a few things we need to do


  1. Get a bigger engine ( get stronger and more explosive )
  2. Get a stronger chassis ( strengthen your core )
  3. Lubrication ( get more flexible and mobile )
  4. Get new tyres and shocks ( improve ankle stability )


In todays article we are going to discuss “modifications and NOS”


What modifications can we do to are car… well we can add fins and all sorts of other little fancy gadgets to increase the performance of  our car…



So how does this translate to us…


Well this is where we’ll eventually start doing drills to help improve our speed… YES… I put drills at #5…



Not because it is not important, but because #1-4 are more important and being stronger in them will help you to do the drills better, making them more effective and more beneficial to increasing your speed…


These drills can take many different forms…


Running drills, pattern drills, agility drills, ladder drills, resisted drills, over speed drills, hill drills, partner drills etc etc…


( I’ll tell you more about these drills in the video )


The last thing that we’ll discuss is your fuel and “NOS”

Rugby Speed


Now it doesn’t help if you have your supped up car with all its modifications and then you put crappy fuel and oil in it… You want to make sure that you put the best fuel in to boost your car’s performance, and then add a NOS system to give you that extra little boost when needed…


So in our terms, what is this… Yup, nutrition and supplements



By merely eating properly you can improve your speed…


How does this work… Let me answer that with another question, how do your muscles contract…


It all starts will an electric impulse. Your brain sends an electric impulse to the muscles, they contract and create movement ( that’s putting it very simply )


But did you know that we can make these impulses even stronger through the right training and but eating the right foods.


What does this mean…


Stronger impulse => Stronger and quicker contraction => faster movement of the limbs => faster running speed


And those are just 6 things you need to work on in order to increase your running speed…


And you thought a few sprints on the pitch would do the job…


Now I know that this may all sound like a lot and that it is probably impossible for you to do…


BUT… I have great news for you…


I’ve put it all together for you in 1 simple to follow program… Within 1 week you’ll start noticing a difference in your speed, and after you’ve completed the 6 week program you’ll see a remarkable difference in your running speed…


To get your hands on this program click the link below to get your name on the early bird list… And I’ll let you know in the next day or 2 when the program will be available to download…







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Getting Faster For Rugby: Part 2

So yesterday we discussed to 2 most important factors that will increase your speed.


We said they were increasing your strength and power, and increasing your core strengthRugby Speed


Now lets add another 10mph to your car’s speed by making sure that your engine and all the moving parts of your car are properly lubricated…


In terms of your body, this will be your flexibility and mobility


We need to make sure that there is the right amount of tension in the muscles to produce the best amount of force to propel us forward.


Getting stronger without working on your flexibility is a disaster waiting to happen. If you don’t stretch properly or do the wrong type of training, your muscles will shorten, be less elastic and will be more likely to tear…


I know what rugby players are like, we can’t be bothered to stretch cause it isn’t mucho enough, it’s for little girls and for people that do yoga…


But did you know that you can INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH by 17%… That’s right my friends, without lifting a single weight, and by just following a proper stretching plan, you can increase your strength by a massive 17%… Hmmm… Who’s the sissy now for not stretching…


The next thing you need to work on is your mobility… Again it is no good being stronger and more flexible but your joints are all tight and limiting your range and speed of movement…


Making sure that your joints are stable and mobile will definitely help you in your quest to increase your speed.


Now lets get some new shoes and socks on your car ( aka tyres and shock absorbers )


In the case of our body, our “tyres and shocks” will be our ankle stability and rigidity…


Lets look at a 4X4 vs Audi R8 ( I love the R8 )


When going off roading the 4X4 suspension is very loose, why, to absorb all the bumps and to make the ride more comfy…


The R8 suspension is a lot more rigid, why, to keep the wheels on the road so that more power and be put through the wheels into the road and be converted to speed…


So how does this work in our body. When sprinting, if you have bouncy or “4X4” ankles, a lot of energy will be absorbed by your ankles flexing and extending ( bending ), resulting in your calves having to do a lot of work to propel you forward. The more stable and rigid the ankle the more “bounce” you will have to propel you forward.


Another example is if you look at an amputee who runs with blades. If the blades where very soft and bendy, a lot of energy would be lots through the bending of the blades, but the more rigid you make them, the better the drive forward off the ground.


Right, that’s enough for today. As I mentioned in the previous article, I’ll be releasing a video soon telling you more about how to improve all these aspects


For now, know that increasing your flexibility, mobility and ankle stability will all help to increase your running speed…


To make sure that you get the next article and that video I told you about, make sure that you are on my early bird list by clicking on the link below…




In the next article we’ll be discussing your “modifications & NOS”